Our Story


Growing up in Paris, Monsieur Blonde’s Creative Director acquired her taste for vintage pieces, searching for unique treasures in flea markets and collecting items with a beautiful story to tell.

She believes women develop a strong emotional attachment towards jewels,
which is why she wanted to offer them her own finely crafted one of a kind pieces.
Self-educated, she created her line in 2011, working in close collaboration with Indonesian craftsmen, traveling to India and South East Asia to develop her own knowledge
of techniques and gemstones.

In 2017, the natural evolution of the brand led her to launch a lingerie line
that embodies her vision of femininity : timeless French elegance.
Today, the brand has four boutiques in Bali,  where you can discover our

universe as well as our full jewellery and lingerie range.





Monsieur Blonde is the perfect balance between masculinity
“Monsieur” - embodying the classic gentleman - and femininity “Blonde” – portraying allure and delicacy.
The combination of these two words represents both strength and beauty, depicting the perfect
image of our muse: The Woman.

Monsieur Blonde’s DNA stands on this fine line, looking at vintage memories
through a modern eye, mixing inspiration from our French heritage to antique oriental and east Asian fine ornaments,

dedicating our collections to modern women with a bohemian heart.


The designer has an intimate creation process,
which includes designing timeless pieces, and selecting unique materials.

Each collection is linked to the previous one, creating a central thread to the brand, unity and sense.

Our gemstones are sourced first-hand in India and South East Asia, offering the highest quality
for our clients, and the widest possibilities for inspiration.

We have been working with the same silver smiths
since we started the brand, building a unique relationship with our craftsmen team
and engaging in ethical practices.

Each of our jewels is handmade, using natural materials
as much as we can, hand carved gemstones, gold-plated & sterling silver metals.

We aspire to offer you unique and refined pieces..