Monsieur Blonde Jewels is a handmade, refine and timeless jewellery brand, inspired by vintage treasures and ethnic chic.

The French designer of the brand uses her own experience and sensitivity to design. It's a very personal process, and we like the idea of sharing the result of it.
There's a small piece of our heart in each style we create.

Our collections offer delicate designs and fine materials. We like tomix french style, feminity and elegance, to ethnical codes and exotic materials, such as unrefine gemstones, bone or horn.

We work in close collaboration with some truly talented Indonesian craftsmen, and we develop the fusion between delicacy of fine jewellery,
and ancient technics such as carving or macrame. All our jewellery line is handmade in small Bali factories.

We like to capture the essence of delicacy, interpret it, and transform it into the uniqueness of our jewels.

Handmade items are always imperfectly perfect..



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